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Paragon Mobility

Paragon Mobility
Issuer's Country FlagFrance

Paragon Mobility

Paragon Mobility
Issuer's Country FlagFrance

Fund the development of next-generation charging stations for electric vehicles.

Paragon Mobility, a French company founded in 2019, specializes in the manufacture of charging stations for electric vehicles. It is currently looking to finance the production and deployment of new fast-charging Pods. To this end, Paragon Mobility is looking to raise 1,350,000 euros. The funds will be used to accelerate the commercial development of its innovative solutions.

The offer

Details and characteristics of the offer

The fundraising campaign will amount to 1,350,000 euros. The funds will be used to produce and refinance electric charging stations (“pods”), the installation and rental of which have already been contracted for five years.

The issue will be carried out by Paragon Mobility’s 100%-owned asset development company.

The maturity will be three years, and the interest rate will be 8.75%.

The bonds will be repaid from revenues secured by Paragon, or via a debt or equity refinancing.

The security interests are as follows: a) a pledge on 100% of the issuer’s securities b) a pledge without delivery on the recharge pods to be financed/refinanced.


There is/are
2 days left
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Interest payment
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Investment phases

Starting Wednesday 19 June 2024 12h30
  • Investment open to everyone
Until Friday 19 July 2024 12h30

End of project financing

The closing date for contributions may be extended at the request of the project owner.
The return on your investment will be calculated from the date the subscription certificates are generated, i.e. once all the funds have been received and the legal documentation has been signed by the project owner.




If I invest


Investment simulation
Paragon Mobility - Obligation 8.75%/year over 3 years - PEA-PME
Simulation - Rate : 8.75% / year on 3 ans

Initial investment:


Repayments and interest:


In 3 transfers


The result presented is not a forecast of the future performance of your investments. It is only intended to illustrate the mechanics of your investment over the investment period. The evolution of the value of your investment may vary from what is shown, either increasing or decreasing.

The project

What will your investment fund?

Paragon Mobility offers recharging and energy optimization solutions for businesses, industrial fleets and local authorities. The company develops and markets Pods, innovative plug-and-play charging stations for electric vehicles.

These Pods are designed to meet the challenges of large-scale deployment of fast charging infrastructures in France and Europe, and more specifically the current growing imbalance between supply and demand for electric charging infrastructures. This asymmetry is increasingly critical, with sales of electric vehicles up 110% in three years, compared with only 58% growth in charging infrastructures (of which only 15% are fast charging points). High costs and delays in connecting to the grid are also holding back the deployment of new installations, particularly those exceeding 250 kW.

Paragon Mobility’s Pods are the answer to these challenges, thanks to their quick installation (less than two months), which is inexpensive and requires minimal work. What’s more, they can be connected to even the most limited electrical grid (low voltage), or operate independently thanks to on-board energy storage. Pods are manufactured in France and Germany, and can be deployed on site in just a few hours.

These energy stations also stand out for their ability to recharge vehicles very quickly (15 min to 1h) and for their ease of transport. With power ratings from 22 to 200 kW per port, and batteries from 50 kWh to 1500 kWh, Paragon Mobility’s charging stations can recharge both light and heavy vehicles, and are particularly well suited to transport companies aiming for carbon neutrality. The user experience is enhanced by a dedicated application, enabling the availability of charging stations to be viewed and consumption to be monitored in real time.

The purchase of a Pod requires an initial investment starting at 4,990 euros, with a monthly subscription starting at 790 euros. This model generates stable and predictable revenues, securing cash flow over several years. It also helps customers minimize and control their capital expenditure, while benefiting from regular maintenance and monitoring by the Paragon Mobility team.

Project owners

Who will implement the project?
Paragon Mobility
Issuer's Country FlagFrance

Founded in 2018, Paragon Mobility is a French company that manufactures and markets new-generation charging stations for electric vehicles called “Pods”.

Paragon Mobility also offers advice to businesses, making it easier for them to switch to an electric transport range.

Jean Lemaire, founder, states:

“At Paragon, our vision is that energy and transport are facing a radical industrial transformation. The growth in renewable energies, electricity use, and the development of electric vehicles require an innovative, intelligent and flexible infrastructure to optimize energy flows. I created Paragon to drive this revolution and enable the widespread deployment of technologies that limit global warming. Our technological, operational and commercial package, unique in Europe, makes us a credible player. By supporting our project, you are backing our ambition and our efforts to drive forward a major industrial, technological, environmental and economic project.”

Paragon Mobility has already secured nearly half a million euros in revenues. The company aims to install around 500 Pods in France and 1,000 to 1,500 Pods in Europe by 2030, generating between 70M and 100M euros in annual revenues. Since 2021, Paragon Mobility has received orders from major international groups and has a sales pipeline of over 400 Pods in France. Six Pods have already been manufactured and have been in commercial operation for over three years.

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Our analysis

What are the risks and proposed mitigation measures?
Download our full analysis

Risk overview

Construction risks


Risk of construction delays or failure to complete the work

Mitigation methods

Les bornes de recharges sont facilement fabricables et ne nécessitent pas d’expertise poussée qui pourrait retarder la production. Les délais de livraison habituels sont de l’ordre de 3 mois et peuvent être réduits jusqu’à 6 semaines. Paragon Mobility travaille aujourd’hui avec une usine en France et une usine en Allemagne et vise à sécuriser ses approvisionnements auprès d’autres sites en France et en Europe à terme.

Counterparty risk

Counterparty / Default

Risk of default by the counterparty on the purchase of electricity, which would jeopardize the project's cash flow.

Mitigation methods

Vestas est la contrepartie majeure de cette opération. En tant que société Danoise, numéro un mondial de la fabrication et de la maintenance d’éoliennes et fondée en 1945, c’est un partenaire de confiance de Paragon Mobility. Les contrats entre Paragon Mobility et Vestas sont conclus sur une durée de 5 ans reconductible. Affectée par la crise du Covid19, la société affiche un résultat négatif de 99 M d'euros en 2023, mais délivre toutefois une progression de son chiffre d’affaires de 8% par rapport à 2022, soit près de 6,26 Mds d'euros en 2023. Elle est en croissance constante à l’échelle mondiale et particulièrement sur le marché français. Son activité de service des éoliennes est un pôle de rentabilité essentiel du groupe. Le partenariat avec Paragon Mobility doit permettre de transformer la flotte de véhicules de service en une flotte décarbonnée, contribuant à faire baisser les émissions de carbone de l’entreprise.

Refinancing risk


Credit risk related to the company's ability to refinance and meet its debt obligations.

Mitigation methods

Enerfip a obtenu 2 garanties pour protéger ses investisseurs : a) Le nantissement de compte de titres financiers portant sur l'intégralité des actions et droits de vote de la société émettrice, Paragon Energy Pods France 1, de premier rang, constitué par l'actionnaire unique de la société émettrice : Paragon Mobility b) Un gage sans dépossession portant sur les pods de recharge à financer/refinancer.

Market risk


This risk can be caused, for example, by a change in macroeconomic circumstances, a decrease in demand in the sector in which the equity crowdfunding project operates and dependencies on other sectors.

Mitigation methods

Le marché des bornes de recharges est en pleine expansion et suit la croissance du marché des véhicules électriques. La demande est forte et ne devrait pas diminuer avant plusieurs années.

Investing in this participatory financing project involves risks, including the risk of total or partial loss of the capital invested. Your investment is not covered by the deposit guarantee schemes established in accordance with directive 2014/49/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council. Your investment is also not covered by the investor compensation schemes established in accordance with Directive 97/9/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. Return on investment is not guaranteed. This is not a savings product, and we recommend that you not to invest more than 10% of your net assets in participatory finance projects. You may not be able to sell the investment instruments when you wish. If you are able to sell them, however, you may incur losses.


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