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History & Achievements

An adventurewith a Mission

Back in 2014, Julien, Sébastien, Léo, and Édouard, experts in renewable energy and finance, came together around a simple idea: to make investment in renewable energies accessible to everyone. The goal? To allow anyone to choose what gets funded by their savings, to build a better future.

Enerfip founders

The Enerfip seed was planted in 2014, and from all corners of the world. With Julien and Édouard in France, Sébastien in Singapore, and Léo in New York, the sun never set on Enerfip!


Committed to Staying Independent

Thanks to significant capital increases, Enerfip remains led by its historic founders, who retain the majority of shares.

Building the World of Tomorrow

Enable everyone to contribute to the energy transition by offering a new, more positive model for energy and finance.

8 yearsthat bore fruit

million euros invested
committed investors
funded projects


The Creation

2014 realis
Launched in 2014, Enerfip was quickly selected to join Cité Réalis, an incubator reserved exclusively for companies with a positive societal impact.
2014 office
Enerfip first day!


Early Successes
of the Young Sprout

Julien, Pauline and Olivier at COP21

The Young Sprout
Enters the Incubator

Impressed by the project, Crédit Agricole Languedoc-Roussillon's private equity company (SOFILARO) became a shareholder in Enerfip. They had so much confidence in us that they allowed the founders to remain the majority shareholders! We also joined the CA Montpellier incubator.
Village badgeSofilaro card
All at Yoga! A zen break for the team
Pv panel


2017 wind

First Equity Raise for Wind

Enerfip successfully gathered citizens living near a wind farm to acquire shares. A first in France.
2017 meeting

First Equity Raise for Solar

Enerfip became the first service in France to offer investing in a photovoltaic park through shares!
2017 metha

First Methanization Project

With Démeter project, Enerfip became the world's first platform to make a public fundraising for a methanization unit.
2017 croissanteverte


Spreading Our Roots,
To the Sea

Eolmed pictures

Enerfip Completes the World's First Public Raise for Floating Wind

Impressed by Enerfip's performance, Eolmed selected us to raise funds for one of the first floating wind farms in Europe off the coasts of Gruissan and Port La Nouvelle in the Mediterranean Sea. It was the first time in the world that a public fundraising was carried out for such a project.


Enerfip Strengthens
Its Foundation

2019 casa

Crédit Agricole Approval

After extensive audits, the head office of Crédit Agricole granted Enerfip approval, such that all Crédit Agricole advisors in France are permitted to offer Enerfip products to their clients. A first in France!
2019 party
Enerfip celebrating the renewable energy regatta!


To the Top
and Beyond

2021 newspapers


2022 eerl

Enerfip en Roue Libre

Two Enerfip colleagues, Cynthiana and Maëva, launched a society to promote soft mobility, especially cycling, with annual events, evening events, activities, and fundraising.
2022 espana

Launch of Enerfip in Spain

Following our European Accreditation, Enerfip began to expand internationally! Our first office was established in Madrid, Spain, in the summer of 2022, when our first international colleagues arrived - Eduardo and Lou.
2022 subway
Our first campaign in the Paris Metro!


Taking off

2024 independance

100% independent

Enerfip's directors and managers have finalised a share buyback, making them the sole shareholders in the company's capital, which had previously been held by minority shareholders. This operation is the first stage in the deployment of an ambitious strategy of sharing value with the teams, a guarantee of better social and financial performance for the company.

Thank you

A Story Being Written
Thanks to You

Enerfip has become a success thanks to your commitment. Whether you've been with us from the beginning or you’re a new enthusiast, we thank you, as our past and future partners, for joining us in writing this heartfelt story every day.
In 2017 in Toulouse
In 2018 in Creuse
In 2018 in Montpellier
Trophées du Financement Participatif des ENR, 2021
In 2022 in Paris
In 2019 in Rhône