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The innovativecrowdfunding solution

million Euros
raised by Enerfip for 446 projects since 2015.

« Every day, we prove that the general public can play a significant role in financing the energy transition and provide an alternative to traditional financing solutions. »

Julien hostache signature
Enerfip President & Founder

Get the full benefit of everythingwe've developed since 2015

We can offer you a wide range of turnkey solutions to finance your project in record time.

PPA / Merchant
Solutions for projects intended for sale on the market or through direct contracts
Additional mezzanine financing
Full-equity financing
A uniquely innovative approach
Bridge Offer
Accelerate project construction
Fast implementation
Suitable for all types of ready-to-build projects
Single project or portfolio
Tailored to your S21 projects
Equity supplements
A flexible solution to complement funding rounds
Single project or portfolio
Allows to retain 100% ownership of the project(s)
Development Portfolio
Accelerate the development of your projects
Innovative, unique offering
In the upstream phase of projects
Multiplying development capacity
Corporate Finance with Guarantees
In the form of simple bonds, so that the project holder does not incur dilution risk on financing for their TopCo
Bond issuance with a bank guarantee on investor capital
Security provided by the project holder to the participating banks in the pool
An all-in cost significantly lower than alternative solutions on the market
Classic Corporate Finance
A non-dilutive financing solution for high-growth entities
To fund structural, development, and construction costs
Collateral secured against assets in development
Mixed distribution between institutional and individual investors

Get the full benefit of everythingwe've developed since 2015

We can offer you a wide range of turnkey solutions to finance your project in record time.

Financial Expertise

As a company founded by experts in energy and in energy finance, Enerfip customises your financing structure, and builds and distributes the financial product to the general public.

No. 1 in Europe

In 2020, Enerfip became the market leader in the European Union with 40% market share, having raised over 519 million euros for 446 projects thanks to a community of 51,623 investors. As the first service provider to have obtained the European Passport, Enerfip offers the most advanced international expertise in the energy crowdfunding market.

Legal Framework

Accredited as a European crowdfunding service provider (ECSP) by the French Financial Markets Authority, Enerfip's legal department ensures that you raise funds in full compliance with the legal and regulatory framework of the European Union and of your home country.

Pioneer and Trailblazer

Enerfip was the first platform to offer equity financing, and the first to raise funds from the crowd for an offshore wind farm. We are also the first in the industry to improve asset liquidity thanks to a secondary market (where investors can buy and sell assets).

We are growing
throughout Europe

Enerfip has a strong working relationship with French renewable energy developers, including several exclusive framework contracts.

Enerfip is an international company, already doing business with French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and African companies.

Other types of project sponsors have already put their trust in us, such as airports, local institutions, industrial & agricultural companies, and greentech startups.

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Our teams have expertiseacross all areas

Structuring team · Legal and Financial Expertise
Distribution team · Investor relations and distribution partnerships
Marketing team · Brand, communication, and investor acquisition
Tech team · Design, Development and Application engineering
People around desk

Earning the trust of partnerssince 2015

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Guilhem Roux
Directeur Général France
Guilhem Roux
Directeur Général France