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How does investingwith Enerfip work?

You want control over your savings and you would like your investments to make a positive impact with Enerfip. What steps do you need to follow to start investing?

Openyour account

Enter an email address and a password to create your account.
Sophisticated Investors
This quick regulatory check allows you to determine if you qualify as what the financial regulator calls a sophisticated investor. If so, you are exempt from the following two steps.
Investor Profile
As with any financial product (Life Insurance, Retirement Savings Plan), we’ll ask you to answer a few regulatory questions. Instead of completing these with each subscription, we ask you to do so only once a year!
Wealth Simulator
In this mandatory module, the wealth simulator allows you to calculate the investment ceiling as recommended by the regulator.
Identity Verification
We will ask you for two proofs of identity as part of our anti-fraud and anti-money laundering duty. After that, you're done!

Subscribe toYour First Investment

Explore the Catalogue
Go to the Invest tab to view open or upcoming investments.
Select an Investment
Compare offers based on what interest rate they pay, their duration, title, and payment frequency. And compare projects based on the type of energy, their impact, and location.
Complete the Subscription
Click Invest and enter the amount you wish to invest.
Sign the Subscription Contract
Read the subscription contract and sign it.
Fund Your Subscription
By credit card or bank transfer (iDEAL is coming soon).

Taxesof Your Investments

Tax Declaration
Enerfip provides you with Unique Tax Forms (IFUs) in order to declare your interest income to your local tax collector.
Manual tax return
Assuming you are not resident in France for tax purposes, Enerfip will provide you with a tax statement (IFU).
Waiver of direct debit
If not applicable to you, you can deactivate direct debit in to your investor area.

How your investmentmatures

Capital Recovery
You get your initial capital back according to the investment specifications indicated on the contract and in the Key Information Document (KID). It can be at regular intervals (quarterly, semi-annually, annually) or in fine, i.e., at the end of the investment period.
Payment of Returns
Interests and dividends are paid at regular intervals according to the terms of the investments (quarterly, semi-annually, annually), while capital gains can be paid in fine (at the end).
Early Repayment
Some investments get repaid early
Project Updates
If you activate notifications for projects you have financed, you will receive on average one to two emails per year to inform you about the project's progress (commissioning, inauguration, performance, TV coverage, reporting).